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We value our clients! 
Mountain To Sea Tree Service is all about customer service and customer satisfaction. A  family-owned company that strives to maintain a safe and beautiful environment for our clients.  We are an owner-operated business and our goal is to provide prompt, professional service at a reasonable rate. Andrew Stillman owner and operator started Mountain To Sea Tree Service in Santa Cruz Ca back in 2011. He built his reputation from the ground up, expanding his business through his professionalism, and hard work but mostly he credits his valued clients. By word of mouth, referrals, and reviews the business has managed to move with him wherever he goes. The business moved to Yorktown Va where his wife is from in 2016, and it continued to thrive due to Andrew's dedication, customer satisfaction, and work ethic. Relocating back to the West Coast in 2019 and beginning again in a new area of Coos Bay Oregon, not only was Andrew successful, he was one of the top tree companies in the area. After a few great years he and his wife decided once again to move closer to family in Yorktown VA. We hope we can pick up where we left off and continue serving the Hampton Roads area. Over these past years and climbing trees up and down the East and West coasts Andrew has obtained a deeper knowledge and passion for his work.  With such diverse expierence you can trust that Andrew has the expierence to take care of what ever tree needs you have! Our goal is to work within the community to create a safe and beautiful environment for all our neighbors!  Call  Andrew Stillman your Coast to Coast tree climber at 831.428.2157 

Company Profile.

Owned and operated by Andrew Stillman and his family, Mountain To Sea Tree Service has over 15 years of experience  in the tree service business. With a combined knowledge of over 30 years in landscaping and tree care. We strive to provide our customers with complete satisfaction. 

There are three key points that  we demonstrate with every client, reliability, dedication, and productivity. We are extremely reliable and work with our customers in a professional way. By being dedicated to our work, we will do anything we can to ensure the customer gets their desired results. FInally, our team is highly productive, working at a fast pace to make sure the job gets done as quick and safe as possible. 

You can trust Mountain To Sea Tree Service to provide you with the best customer service to complete whatever task is at hand! 


We Appreciate your business! 
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